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An idea by Roberta Ferrara 

Dramaturgy, Direction, Set and Light Design

Michelangelo Campanale 

Choreography Roberta Ferrara

Visual Artists Alessandro Vangi and Raffaele Fiorella

Narrating Voice Maria Pascale

Assistant Director Annarita De Michele and Maria Pascale

Assistant Choreographer Nicola de Pascale

Costume Designer Franco Colamorea

Assistant Costume Designer Natascia Zaccaria

Production management Vincenzo Losito


Coproduction by

Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company and La Luna nel Letto

In a hospital, after being saved from dying in a canal in Berlin and months of mutism, a woman reveals to be Anastasia, the last daughter of the Romanovs, the royals slaughtered by the Bolshevik militias. A survivor. One of the most mysterious cases of the twentieth century.


Is it her, or is it not?


It will be revealed by a detail. Maybe the colour of the eyes, or the scar concealed by the clothes worn out by time and madness. An expression, a secret word never revealed before, now on everyone’s lips. The people want her now.


Is it me, or is it not me? It will be brought back to memory by her image reflected in the glass of a window closed to the world, the whistle of a missed train in the snow, the sound of a music box that will suddenly captivate her.


Dream, memory, reality? Music keeps the time, and time runs away, fast like a horse and ceaselessly. It leaves a trail of memories that become a timeless legend and explode through space to create a place where Anastasia is trapped, looking for herself.