Concept/Choreography Roberta Ferrara

Visual Artist: Raffaele Fiorella and Alessandro Vangi

Lighting Designer: Roberto Colabufo

Original score:  Pier Alfeo

Costumes Designer: Franco Colamorea

Assistant Costume Designer: Natascia Zaccaria

Hair & Make-up: Antonio Lopopolo

Stage Photographer:  Stefano Sasso

Production Manager Vincenzo Losito

Running time  53 minutes

Dancers  Seven

Coproduction Compagnie Art Garage e Resextensa

With the support of Pugliese Public Theatre, City of Barletta, and City of Fasano
Art Garage Company and Resextensa Coproduction

Time flows and runs away restlessly like a horse.

The gears of time mark the stream of actions with particles that burst into space and create a place from where Anastasia cannot escape.

Dream, memory, reality? We are trapped in a limbo between fantasy and history that explodes on the characters leaving behind melodies that spread through the air like flickering traces of colours and connections.