Through perseverance, passion, and initiative, in 2014 Equilibrio Dinamico realised Puglia’s edition of the Fringe Festival. The Fringe Festival is among the most important world festival for live performances; it was born in Edinburgh in 1947 and occurs every year in all the Capitals of Culture of the world.

Now also Puglia had its own Apulia Fringe Festival.

«It will be the second furthest south Fringe in Italy after Naples. After years of attending other similar events and observing their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, here we wanted to create a summary. We aim not only to give space to the companies but also to create a network that will give national exposure to the performances through a distribution network that is already working»

Besides spreading culture and live performances, our primary goal is to involve the territory. Thus, we realised an event that would bring young theatre companies, professionals, and critics to Andria, and created an environment open to discussion and sharing. In this way, the city was transformed into a stage for creativity and dialogue between national and local youth realities.

During the week of the Fringe, Andria was enlivened by about 30 companies, numerous performances, workshops, and seminars.