Equal to Men

(solo performance)

Concept/Choreography: Roberta Ferrara

Lighting Designer: Roberta Ferrara

Costume Designer: Franco Colamorea

Running time: 15 minutes

Winning performance for Best Choreography and Best Dancer categories at SoloTanz Festival 2018

Recommended by Network Danza Urbana 2018 &

Vetrina della Giovane Danza D’autore Anticorpi XL 2019

Performance selected for Puglia Showcase 2018

The Amazons.

The immortal myth of warrior women riding fiery horses, wielding bows, their vigorous legs amid a storm, their threatening eyes on delicate faces.

Beautiful, young, resolute, ready to defend their independence with swords and arrows.

The archetype of the Amazons, warriors not inferior to any man, wishes to encourage a reflection on contemporary society and women’s role; Homer described the Amazons as “equal to men” and this was a sign of respect in the patriarchal society of ancient Greece.