Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble is an idea by Roberta Ferrara, within the company Equilibrio Dinamico, repertory company with its operational headquarters in Bari (Puglia). ENSEMBLE is born to give the chance to find, within a training course conducted by established professionists, a complete view of the term “Contemporary”, combining not only practical but also theoretical disciplines.

GOALS – The mission is to inform young dancers through a curious and stimulating physical and mental research. Every year Ensemble becomes a crossroads of international study meetings that collect artists from the West to the East, activating intensive laboratories, special classes, focuses, jam sessions, sharings, monothematic meetings, studies of new and experimental techniques and languages, allowing the Ensemble group to constantly growing. Ensemble is actively supported by international artists operating worldwide in the Dance scene: Ivan Perez, Edivaldo Ernesto, Jiri Pokorny, Marco Blazquez, Ken Ossola, Humanood, Roberto Zappalà, Iraxte Ansa, Mario Bermudez Gil, Igor Bacovich, Akira Yoshida, Loris Petrillo, Emma Evelein, Natalia Iwaniec, David Vilarinyo, Li Kehua; just to name a few of the names that have contributed with their experience and professional career to guarantee an excellent quality to the project .

THE NEXT STEP – To create relationships that can be productive for the participants. Ensemble is therefore a necessary bridge between education and work. Young dancers are accompanied in their first steps: auditions and job offers, they are guided in the choice of their own future by planning a personalized study plan and a calendar of auditions according to their skills. Moreover Ensemble has not only informed its young dancers but it also accompanied them while making them mature and ready to face the world of work with knowledge and awareness.