When culture breaks borders // A bridge connecting Andria and Fasano

A project born as part of the public project “Suburbs in the centre”

Operation of cultural and social inclusion by the Department of Tourism and Culture, the Department of Finance, Youth Politics, and the Sports Department of Regione Puglia

Coordinated by Pugliese Public Theatre

Hinterland is the project created by Equilibrio Dinamico, born out of a historical period marked by a pandemic, during which a reflection on how to think and make art is ever more needed. It was created with the support of Regione Puglia, Pugliese Public Theatre, Piiil Cultura, and the patronage of the City of Andria and the City of Fasano.
The word distance best represents the first months of 2020. During the first lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic, Equilibrio Dinamico focused precisely on those most distant places in the city, which have always been perceived as distant and peripheral. Often distance deceives us into not getting involved in other people’s lives, not showing interest in the events, transformations, and problems of those who are far from us, even geographically, as if that doesn’t concern us.
The goal of the project is to draw near the communities through culture and the performative act of dance; to create dialogue inside and outside according to the logic of sharing and tearing down the walls and social borders that can sometimes turn the citizens into victims of prejudices against culture.

Project Partners

Ret’Attiva – Andria

Apluvia Association – Fasano

Oltredanza Study Centre – Fasano

Associazione teatrale amici di Giuuaanned – Fasano

Pro Selva Association – Fasano

Ignazio Ciaia Association – Fasano

With the collaboration of Diocesan Museum San Riccardo in Andria