AND STILL SHE GIVES (Short dance Film)

Choreography Roberta Ferrara

Producer Renata Sheppard

Dop/editor Alex Forge

Drone operator Chris Roll

Music Eran Sabo and F.ryderyk Chopin

Sound Recording Isabelle Helck

Producted by Experimental Film Virginia

Performers Ibrahim Ish Sabbi

Tonia Laterza

Nicola De Pascale

Mya McClellan

Beatrice Netti

Silvia Sisto

Danzel Thompson-Stout

Serena Angelini

Emmanuel Marlette

Man turns once again to Nature, as a leader to his porter, as the executioner to his victim, as God to his nothingness. In the performance “HOME SWEET HOME”, Nature takes the floor, what if for once man could do nothing but listen? Could man do nothing but watch?

Your future depends on me. When I bloom, you bloom. When I waver, you waver or even worse.

In this creation we want Nature to look into the eyes of the viewer in a powerful effect of dramatic questioning. In this confusion of gazes that touch and intersect each other, the portrait of man is the one the viewers themselves. Therefore in the show, the gaze of Nature becomes

a sort of light that illuminates a series of human actions, good, bad; disgusting or innocent.

“HOME SWEET HOME”, a phrase so present in the memory of millions of men, present beyond consciousness and science; beyond feeling and history; regardless of everyone’s will. The first goal of human beings is to build the House, the shelter, the headquarters, the place to become estranged from the world, the space where it is possible

to make decisions and dictate rules. But our tiny fortress, lays the foundation on what is actually the real home, Nature.

“I am Nature. I will go on. I am ready to evolve. And you?”