- returning –

Idea and dramaturgy Roberta Ferrara and Alessandro Maggi 

Choreography  Roberta Ferrara 

Original score Alessandro Maggi

Sound Design Simone Cohen

Costumes Franco Colamorea 

Light design Alessandro Caso 

Organization and Production Vincenzo Losito

Coproduction with ArtGarage

Production collaborations with Epos Teatro, Find Festival

With the support of the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto and Scenario Pubblico

Runtime 20 minutes

Nostos – in Greek νόστος – return, is the word that conveys that sense of circularity of the journey of existence whose ultimate goal is to reach oneself.

Nostos is among the most ancient and widespread literary motifs, and its archetype is the long journey of Ulysses, which significantly is a return. Its goal is not to lead the hero to a destination but to circularly lead him back – now more experienced and wiser – to the original starting point: home. A physical home, Ithaca. An inner home, self-knowledge.