Spectators in search of an author is a project ideated by Vincenzo Losito to promote the formation of a community of people (momentarily living in Andria) who share a passion for Theatre.

«I want to create a group of “wandering spectators” who can create their own shared schedule of performances inside the adjacent theatre seasons and seeing them together as a group.

There’s seemingly nothing new apart from the creation of this group made of individual people who probably in the past years gave up seeing performances in theatres outside their city because of laziness, the lack of a car or company.

I would like to realise also moments of discussion and debate after seeing the performances; and, if needed, inviting critics who can help in the understanding and appraisal of the performances.

I know that many people from Andria have season tickets in Barletta, Bari, Ruvo, and Bitonto and this information motivates me to keep pursuing this project and aim even higher.

Why should we limit ourselves to see just one theatre season when there are many remarkable shows throughout our region?

Why not going each week to a different theatre with a group that grows each time, with fellow spectators who change each time? »