Choreography and Concept Roberta Ferrara

Lighting Designer Roberta Ferrara

Costumes Roberta Ferrara

Length 60 minutes

Dancers Seven

“We are the red and the black of the earth, the overseas made of worn-out sandals, that pollen and powder in the wind tonight. One of us, in our name, has said: “You cannot be rid of me.Yes, I’ll die, yet after three days I will rise again and return”

Inhuman borders is inspired by the text “Solo Andata” by E. De Luca is a physical prayer, a denunciation, a naked and debased picture of our society, where nation and homeland crumble due to the lack of humanity which the world suffers of.

The honesty of the bodies and the powerful dramaturgical involvement make ‘Inhuman borders’ an intense and touching work that leads the viewer to reflect and somehow feel guilty of the human being’s lack of ethical and moral value.