The Island

Concept/Choreography: Roberta Ferrara

Lighting Designer:  Roberta Ferrara

Running time: 10 minutes

Dancers 2

Inspired by John Donne’s The Island, the choreographic work plays on two levels: reality and imagination. Two souls meet and let time flow and go to waste between them, a meeting without precedents that doesn’t allow for individualism to take form, a “dismembered” body that gets lost choreographically to allow glimpses of contemplation.

The body moves alternating moments of control and moments of complete trance where the two bodies support each other through a journey without any known destination.

When a bell chimes, we are reminded that we’re not isolated individuals but we are part of a community and of everything that surrounds us, and this enriches us; but if something and someone fails we too feel diminished, as if we lost a part of ourselves.

With its heavenly music, the performance gives space to reflections from a position suspended between human and mystic.