The Island

Choreography and Concept Roberta Ferrara

Set Lights Roberta Ferrara

Length 10 minutes

Dancers Two

Inspired by The Island by John Donne, the choreographic work is articulated on two levels, reality and imagination.

Two souls come together, time loses itself between them, the encounter is unparalleled, it makes individualism shapeless, it turns the figures into dismembered bodies which choreographically get lost allowing themselves moments of contemplation.

The bodies play while switching between moments of control and moments of total trance, the two figures embark upon a journey by each other’s sides, the destination is unknown.

 When a bell tolls, it reminds us that we are not isolated individuals but belong to a community and it recalls everything that surrounds us; whenever something or someone falls always a part of ourself goes missing as well. The musically ethereal performance leaves room for thoughts, donating a suspended sight between mystic and humane.