Walking and Talking

Choreography and Concept Jiří Pokorný

Lighting Designer Jiří Pokorný

Costumes Enzo Toma

Producted by Equilibrio Dinamico

Length 20 minutes

Dancers Five

Realized during the choreographic residence “Experimental” supported by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Regione Puglia -Fondi Fesr 2007-2013

Needless to always reiterate the same things in order to find a justification or reason to go on every day. And yet, if we continued to meditate or to ask ourselves the same questions over and over, we would realise that time is so short and that the things to be done are too many or too few. Moments pass, life goes by and stationary  thoughts indeed change every time. Is it a matter of experience? Who knows.

It is important not to be influenced by others, to cherish what surrounds me and never to distract myself from what I, and only I, am. Cherishing others does not only mean listening but internalising a philosophy that unconsciously could be mine.

This philosophy investigates existence but does not help us to exist.

Religion teaches us to despise, art, in all its forms, is a good alibi but when far away from home it becomes useless. It is all a contradiction.

Lifeis a contradiction.

Do you believe in contradictions? I do.

From the moment I realised that, in order to feel better it is best to suppress what makes us feel good for real.

In the meantime I’m here.

Today i’m here and I’m alive, tomorrow I’ll learn and I’ll live. Learned.