Inspired by Romeo e Giulietta by W. Shakespeare

Choreography and Concept Roberta Ferrara

Lighting Designer Roberta Ferrara

Costumes Roberta Ferrara

A project of  Equilibrio Dinamico

Length 20 minutes

Dancers Six

Love is not a need but an overflow. Love is a luxury. It’s abundance.

It means possessing so much life that you no longer know what to do with it, so you share it.

In this six-body choreographic score we want to celebrate simultaneously, the innocence and the unconsciousness of the two greatest lovers of tragedy: Romeo and Juliet. We could talk forever about their probable ideas of love but we are disarmed in front of their pure falling-in-love.

The wind that brushes the hair, the glances to look for each other, the muscles that contract, the attention of listening to touch, the sudden mood swings, the feeling of alleviation, the smell that circulates through the air that defines us.

Was it gaze that created this first thrill?