simple love

Choreography and Concept Roberta Ferrara

Lighting Designer Roberta Ferrara

Music Advisor Vito Causarano

Costumes Franco Colamorea

Length 20 minutes

Dancers Two

Winner show of Festival InDivenire 2018

Award best female and male dancer

Simple love was born as an ode to lost love.

It is a fragile tale of great celebratory intent. The gesture, used in a sacred and deciphered way ,as if it were a rite, replaces the verb to narrate through bodies that passionately unfold, converse, wait for and observe each other. It is a nude picture of feelings and sensations. It is vortex, a challenge of balances and compromises to be found: visually by the body, conceptually with the heart and the mind.

Honesty is the background of a work which triggers moments of silence, memories, tensions and gazes. Inner peace must be found, as a place where space and time come to a halt and donate a simple love, without archetypes, capable of recognising the kindness of nostalgia in human fragility.