simple love

Concept/Choreography Roberta Ferrara

Lighting Designer Roberto Colabufo

Musical Consultation Vito Causarano

Costume Designer Franco Colamorea

Running time 20 minutes


Winning performance at Festival InDivenire 2018 in the dance category

Best female and best male dancer Award

Performance selected for Puglia Showcase 2018

Simple Love wants to be an ode to lost love.


It’s a frail and highly celebratory tale. Gestures, used in a sacred way and deciphered as a ritual, replace words to narrate through bodies that passionately twist, interchange, await, and observe each other.


It’s a bare picture of feelings and emotions. A vortex, a challenge to balance and compromises to be found visually through the body and intellectually through heart and mind.


Honesty is the background of a work that creates moments of silence, tension, looks, and memories. It will be necessary to find inner peace, a moment when space and time stop and offer a simple love, devoid of archetypes and capable of recognising the sweetness of nostalgia within human fragility.