simple love

Concept/Choreography: Roberta Ferrara

Lighting Designer: Roberto Colabufo

Musical Consultation: Vito Causarano

Costume Designer: Franco Colamorea

Running time: 20 minutes

Dancers 2

Winning performance at Festival InDivenire 2018 in the dance category

Best female and best male dancer Award

Performance selected for Puglia Showcase 2018

Simple love wants to be a song to lost love.

It’s a frail and highly celebratory tale. Gestures are used in a sacred way and deciphered as a ritual. They replace words to narrate through bodies that carefully loosen, discuss, wait, and observe each other.
It’s a bare picture of feelings and emotions; a vortex, a challenge of balance and compromise that should be searched visually through the body and conceptually through heart and mind.
Honesty is the background of a work that creates moments of silence, tension, looks, and memories. It will be necessary to find inner peace, a moment when space and time stop and give a simple love, devoid of archetypes and capable to recognise the sweetness of nostalgia inside human fragility.