Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble is an educational program created by Roberta Ferrara, artistic director of “Equilibrio Dinamico”, repertoire dance company based in Bari (Puglia). The aim is to offer young dancers a creative environment to develop and find their own artistic voices. Dancers will learn to recognize, experiment, deepen their skills, discover their strengths, gain knowledge and awareness of their body by studying with various international guests. Quality and Versatility are the keywords of the project, based on inclusion and sharing. The Ensemble will allow you to develop intimate and personal poetics, offering individual training and at the same time promoting teamwork. During the program, you will carry out practical and theoretical research among different contemporary dance languages, supported and guided by established international professionals.

GOALS – The mission is to inform young dancers through curious and stimulating research done both physically and mentally. Each year Ensemble offers international intensive workshops, special classes, jam sessions, sharing, monothematic meetings, studies of new and experimental techniques and languages,
placing the Ensemble group in constant growth.


The program also includes a series of performances to watch called OUTDOOR. It is a contemporary dance performance series that is included as a module in the Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble training program. With this module, the participants have the opportunity to observe the guest artists on stage with their own creations.


Ensemble is not just the training. The NEXT STEP is to create a network that can be productive for the participants themselves. Ensemble becomes a necessary bridge between training and work. The young people who enter the Ensemble find constant support that aims at self-realization, awareness of their body and also of what it means to be a professional dancer. The realization of its participants is a constant goal in the training process offered. The dancers are supported in their first auditions and job offers and in making their future choices. Each participant is encouraged in programming a personalized study plan and a calendar of auditions. Thanks to the Ensemble, previous participants had the opportunity to join and work in dance companies and enter universities or international professional centres. Ensemble trains young dancers to make them ready to face the professional dance world with knowledge and awareness.