The exclusive edition for the 10-year anniversary of the educational program

created by the choreographer and artistic director Roberta Ferrara,

in special collaboration with VERVE,

the postgraduate company of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds (UK),

artistic director Matteo Marfoglia.

ensemble GOLD

“Ensemble is a challenge, above all, on the human level; a challenge that has been going on for ten
years. My objective is to “derail” the young dancers’ path, so that they can open up to something
new, to knowledge, and leave behind unconstructive criticism. Observing, listening, learning to
think, know and love themselves to consciously choose their future.”

Roberta Ferrara

Equilibrio Dinamico ENSEMBLE, now in its tenth edition, was created within Equilibrio Dinamico, a repertoire company recognised by the Italian Ministry of Culture – General Directorate of Performing Arts as an UNDER35 dance production company and is supported by Regione Puglia and the City of Bari, took centre stage as a unicum in the landscape of Italian dance.

This project was born out of the need for the choreographer and artistic director, to give young dancers a place to find themselves, experiment, deepen their skills, discover their strengths, gain knowledge and awareness of their bodies through study and various experiences with several international professionals of contemporary dance.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, the selected candidates will have the chance to participate in

a special program

that involves the study and performance of creations by:


Roberta Ferrara, Imre van Opstal, Guy Shomroni, Lior Tavori, and Pablo Girolami

Equilibrio Dinamico ENSEMBLE GOLD EDITION also includes a trip to Leeds, England.

There will be a one night event within the season of the Riley Theatre,

at the Norther School of Contemporary Dance.

An experience of personal and professional growth where young dancers will have the chance to work with international guests, a characteristic of Equilibrio Dinamico’s projects which are focused on the exchange of various languages and artistic and human backgrounds to develop a personal and intimate poetics. This way we can offer an individual education while fostering teamwork and continuous exchange.


An immersive experience where quality and versatility, information and opportunity unite. But not only. Ensemble becomes a necessary bridge between education and work. Ensemble gives constant support to its young dancers to fulfil themselves, increase awareness of their bodies, and build a career. The self-fulfilment of its participants is a fixed objective of the educational programme we offer.


We guide the young dancers in the process of choosing and building their future and career through a personalised study plan and an auditions schedule tailored to their skills.

Thanks to Ensemble, young dancers have had the opportunity to start working for dance companies, independent
projects, and get accepted into universities or international professional centres.


The training project was born with the need to provide information and update. Therefore, it is aimed at those who have an awareness of movement and an aptitude for research and experimentation.
Essential is the predisposition to teamwork, discussion, exchange, and curiosity.
The target audience is young dancers aged 18 and over.
Admission to the course is limited to maximum 10 dancers.



Admission to the course will take place upon selection. Admission to course is limited to 10 dancers.
Application for the audition will only be available online.


Application deadline: 28 February 2023
The results will be communicated to the interested parties via email by 1 March 2023


Residency: from 21 March to 26 April 2023
Exchange in UK: from 27 to 30 April 2023
Location: Teatro Impero, Brindisi
Days off: 26 March, 2 April, 9 and 10 April, 18, 19 and 20 April

Performance days:

15 April at the Cantieri Teatri Koreja in Lecce (Italy)
16 April at the Cantieri Teatri Koreja in Lecce (Italy)
17 April Teatro Abeliano in Bari (Italy)
29 April at the Riley Theatre in Leeds (UK)