Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble is an educational project ideated by Roberta Ferrara, choreographer, teacher, and artistic director of Equilibrio Dinamico Company, and associated artistic director at Odyssey Dance Theatre, Singapore.


This project was born out of the need for the choreographer and artistic director, to give young dancers a place to find themselves, experiment, deepen their skills, discover their strengths, gain knowledge and awareness of their bodies through study and various experiences with several professionals.


Quality and Versatility are the keywords of the project, which aims to be a place of inclusion and sharing but never a competition. The Ensemble makes it possible for young dancers to develop intimate and personal poetics, offering individual training while at the same time encouraging teamwork and continuous exchange. The project’s educational and training pathway comprises both practical and theoretical subjects led by well-known and established professionals. The project is
designed to give students the chance to conduct real research on dance languages and achieve a throughout understanding of the word Contemporary.

OBJECTIVES – Our mission is to train young dancers, through research that is both physically and mentally stimulating. An intensive programme based on sharing and aimed at personal fulfilment.
Each year, Ensemble becomes a crossroads of international study meetings, intensive workshops, special classes, focus groups, jam sessions, sharing, monothematic meetings, and studies on new and innovative techniques and languages, all of which allow the Ensemble group to be in constant growth.


Ensemble work doesn’t stop at the training.


The NEXT STEP is to create relationships that can be productive for the participants themselves.

Ensemble becomes a necessary bridge between training and work.


Ensemble gives constant support to its young dancers to fulfil themselves, improve awareness of their bodies, and build a career. The self-fulfilment of its participants is a fixed objective of our training programme.
We look after our dancers during the first steps of auditions and job offers. We guide them in the process of choosing and building their future and career through a personalised study plan and an auditions schedule tailored to their skills.


Thanks to Ensemble, young dancers have had the opportunity to start working for dance companies
and get accepted into universities or international professional centres.
Ensemble doesn’t only train young dancers but helps them get ready to face and enter the work world with knowledge and awareness.



At the end of each of the 3 residencies, the dancers will have the opportunity to perform in the opening acts for the shows within Bari’s dance season DaB. These performances will demonstrate the skills developed during the training program and ensure a professional and creative experience.

The dancers will have the opportunity to dance in national premieres of original creations by international choreographers.



Who is Ensemble intended for?


The training project was born with the need to provide information and update. Therefore, it is aimed at those who have an awareness of movement and an aptitude for research and experimentation.

Essential is the predisposition to teamwork, discussion, exchange, and curiosity.

The target audience is young dancers aged 16 and over.





The project will run from September to December 2022, offering:

– from 28 September to 2 October first Residency with Roberta Ferrara
– 15 and 16 October Workshop with Jade Van Den Hout
– from 23 to 27 October second Residency with Lior Tavori
– 28 October Performance Tavori
– 31 October to 4 November third Residency with Alejandro Moya
– 5 November Performance Moya
– 6 November rehearsal Residency Ferrara
– 7 November Performance Ferrara
– 19 and 20 November Workshop with Rakesh Sukesh
– 3 and 4 December Workshop with Vasko Nasonov