Would you like to move to southern Italy, to Puglia, in the Metropolitan City of Bari?

Would you like to get in touch with the poetics of Equilibrio Dinamico?

Are you looking for daily training to face auditions and look for your own artistic identity?


Equilibrio Dinamico provides you with the opportunity to combine the Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble training project with the Small Class Training project

We give you the opportunity to study every morning with a different class plan through the programme curated by director Roberta Ferrara. The dancers of Equilibrio Dinamico together with guest teachers and a collateral programme of holistic practices, seal a versatile and dynamic study programme, to provide you with useful tools to continue your personal experimentation and learning experience in a serene and collaborative study environment.

From September to December 2023 you can choose Puglia and the Metropolitan City of Bari as your daily place of study, opportunity, growth and comparison!


September – December 2023

9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
September 11th to 15th
September 18th to 20th
October 2nd to 6th
October 9th to 12th
October 17th to 20th
October 24th to 27th
November 6th to 10th
November 13th to 17th
November 21st to 24th
November 27th to 1st of December
December 4th to 7th


If you want to participate at the project Small class training you can contact us at

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SPAZIO MURAT: in the heart of Bari, it represents one of the most popular cultural containers in the city, dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary culture. It is part of the Polo for contemporary art and culture of the City of Bari. It constitutes the point of contact between the old city and the modern village.

STUDIODANZA ARCI: a multidisciplinary space, where a plurality of dance languages alternate, whose rehearsal rooms have welcomed various projects and international guests. The Dynamic Balance company has been collaborating since 2014 with the reality managed by Claudia Drago, establishing a solid relationship of artistic and cultural exchange.

ABELIANO THEATRE: After having set up three small theaters in the city of Bari, the Abeliano Group feels the need for a “home” of its own, a theatrical space to better elaborate and experience the actor’s work. The Nuovo Teatro Abeliano was born on 3 February 2012, with a capacity of about 300 seats and ready to host the multipurpose and articulated activities of the Center.