Concept/Choreography Riccardo Buscarini

Music P.I. Tchaikovsky; L. Minkus, A. Adam

Music Transcription/Arrangement Silvestro Sabatelli

Pianist M° Benedetto Boccuzzi

Costume Designer Francesco Colamorea

Lighting Designer Roberto Colabufo

Running time 50 minutes


Producted by Equilibrio Dinamico

Coproduction Art Garage

With the support of Teatro Pubblico Pugliese e AMAT

The creative process behind this performance is structured on a return to ballet. A study on relationships based on a selection of pas de deux from the classical repertoire whose score and choreography are reinterpreted, broken down, and juxtaposed in a personal and original vision.


The title is a wordplay between the word escape and suite (which describes an instrumental composition including various dances with same tone but alternating rhythms; or more generally, a set of selected instrumental pieces from different operas, arranged to be performed in one concert).


The title is pronounced similarly to the expression “sweet escape”, which can sometimes be understood as a pleasant escape, a romantic getaway, an escape for love. The lyricism of the pas de deux, the awaited and yearned union of the protagonists, and the tragic impossibility of staying together: in Suite Escape, all acquire distorted and blurred boundaries filled by the ambiguity of interpersonal relationships.


Suite Escape deals with presence and absence, intimacy and nothingness. Four dancers double the relationship of the pas de deux. Their elaborate and tangled partner-work pushes the bodies to take distance from their axis thanks to the collaboration of balance and strength which, more than the fulfilment of harmonious movements, is an escape from each other.


Thus, in Suite Escape, the movement becomes a means of negotiation, and the pas de deux becomes a moment of opposition between individual and group will.

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